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Curtains and Drapes

All drapes are custom made to fit each customer’s needs. Customized designs, opacity, and materials are available.

  • A double layer consisting of a translucent sheer on the inside and draperies on the outside allowing you to choose how much light is blocked with a simple pull of a cord.

  • Ripple folded curtains, simple and elegant, are designed to glide along custom made tracks. Panels are always custom made to cover any size window and are made with 2-3 times the fabric of regular panels.

  • Made with either drapery or sheer materials, these fixed window coverings offer a simple look while providing privacy. With a simple adjustment, the drapes or sheers can cover the whole window, or half of it.

  • Grommet Draperies offer a modern and simple look while maintaining function. This sleek design is best accented with a single heavy-duty rod available in multiple materials and colors.

  • French pleated drapes provide an elegant old-world warm look available in single or double layer with sheers.

  • Many drapes are available in a motorized form complete with remote control depending on the type of draperies and rod chosen.

Curtains and Drapes Idea Gallery